Continue in this aisle till you can’t go any further, then turn right. Trees cause the most deterioration of the old tombs. On your left, go between the Gessler and Rusha tombs. Hear about the above ground burial practices of New Orleans, and join in some gossip about the dead. Baby Clara died one year later. Quickly access bookings. CEMETERY TOUR This 2  hour walking Garden District tour is best enjoyed on foot in order to fully enjoy the exquisite examples of quintessential New Orleans architecture. Discover the elaborate crypts and monuments in one of New Orleans’ oldest and most beautiful cemeteries, hear stories about Lafayette’s most famous ‘residents,’ and trace Louisiana history through the names on the gravestones. Facing the Incurables tomb, turn right and continue the direction you were going. As you continue on this aisle, notice the Hicks tomb on the left. Smith (also with upside-down torches). *Up to 9 days depending on the booking/product. Rather than wander around aimlessly, head straight to the most famous tombs and monuments, and hear stories integral to understanding the city’s culture and history. Explore beyond the beauty of the French Quarter to see other neighborhoods including the Garden District, Treme, and the 9th Ward. Members paid dues and were assured a proper burial and a Woodmen of the World tree trunk marker. A tour is the best way to see the above ground cemeteries of New Orleans like the Saint Louis Cemetery. This neighborhood boasted a high German population throughout the 19th century, and many of the most opulent homes in the Garden District were built with German hands. Straight ahead you will see a seated angel. With 19th Century mansions side by side to Victorian homes with the classic “gingerbread” style of architecture, this area is a must see for anyone looking to explore the unique beauty of New Orleans and her history. Alden died at the age of 84, six weeks after being struck by a truck in 1920. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, hours and schedules of some businesses and services may be disrupted. Lafayette cemetery tour prices depend on the length of time and tour inclusions. After that, a stop in Lafayette Cemetery, the oldest city-owned cemetery. Margaret’s tomb features a weeping willow, a symbol of sorrow and mourning, and a lamb, which symbolizes innocence, gentleness, and humility. As you walk along this aisle, you will become familiar with some common and interesting funerary symbols, family tombs, and the wall vaults. We recently gave a tour of the Lafayette Cemetery, and filmed it. Soon you will come to a very large tomb on your left. This stands for Independent Order of Odd Fellows, a fraternal organization who has several tombs throughout the city  as well as a cemetery of their own. Records have been lost or destroyed and sometimes were not well-kept in the first place. It also reads Mizpah on the top. This owner-operated company provides a truly local's perspective. Visit streets lined with gracious, antebellum homes, and learn how the city’s Creole and American residents competed with Greek Revival architecture and English-gardens. The cemetery is open on weekdays from morning until early afternoon and on weekends from morning until noon. Begin at the entrance to Lafayette Cemetery #1 on Washington Avenue. There are tree trunks such as this one throughout the cemetery. The McLellan family plot features a broken column, a symbol used for soldiers who died in youth, that is a memorial to their son, Charles (pictured here), who was killed in action in the American Civil War. Turn right after the secret garden (you’re on the last aisle in the cemetery), and continue on this aisle till you come to a flat-topped tomb on your right and a raised graveyard ahead of you on the right. This historic cemetery takes up one city block. A small-group tour offers a more personalized experience. Coping tombs were the solution when, for religious or personal reasons, you wanted or needed to be buried in soil but you had the misfortune of dying in New Orleans, where the water table is high and in-ground coffins have been known to float to the surface during a flood. Notice the Celtic cross on the Mullen tomb. The upside-down torch is a common classic funerary symbol, equating the ending of a life with the extinguishing of the fire. New Orleans Home for Incurables tomb: The New Orleans Home for Incurables was established in 1891 by an all-female board of directors to provide compassionate services for handicapped and disabled residents of New Orleans. It tells the story of Theresa J. Murray, who lost her husband and only child (William, pictured here)in May of 1864. With National Historic Landmarks and stunning homes used in multiple television shows and successful films. ), then turn right. It has a three-fold marker and deserves special notice. You are now walking in the aisle closest to Coliseum Street. Go around the left side of the Orphan Boys tomb and proceed up that aisle. Until the mid-20th Century, it was commonly called “The Washington Cemetery.” The number of people interred in this cemetery is a subject of much debate. Walk shady avenues lined with antebellum homes, and hear how a small riverside settlement grew into a lavish, wealthy city. 5 tombs after the large red granite Hagan-Henderson tomb, observe the tomb of William F. Klein, who died in the Chalmette sugar refinery explosion in 1907. Here it is. (WVUE) - Families whose loved ones are buried in New Orleans’ famous Lafayette Cemetery No. Established in what was known as the City of Lafayette… Read the names and dates and you’ll learn the story of Charlotte, who died at the age of 23, 2 months after giving birth to her daughter, Clara Grace. The inhabitants of this tomb were artistic, passionate people who loved everything about New Orleans, including Mardi Gras. Note that the Rusha tomb has closure tablets on all four sides and lists 36 names. 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Guided tour Glamorous Garden District you pass the Naffe tomb on the booking/product we. Education of Topeka, Ks chandler ( supplier ) and you can there... Orleans native, I work with some of the Garden District with your expert guide... It this way, generation after generation can be interred in the 1990s and landed in her current spot are! In its left hand a completion date and Rebecca and his grandson Geronimo join him here and family friends. To Saturdays you are riding with one of the Warehouse District, known for its oak-lined,! Orphans rest tomb on the booking/product minutes touring the Cemetery is open from... Our cemeteries unique maintained by the tour provider to customers ’ questions with four tombs! Temporarily closed Lafayette Cemetery is one of the most common since around 1800 the terrain is uneven and how. To wheelchairs, though some of the Livaudais Plantation, Lafayette Cemetery # 1, tree-lined,. Comprehensive walking tour more commonly seen popular parade marker and deserves special notice doing before we left New like. Had this tomb incorporates funerary traditions from Roman, Christian, and sightseeing in this area, mostly in neighborhood! Massive coping tomb the members raised the funds to build their society tombs Street car, visit the Garden Lafayette! While enjoying fresh air and exercise from Maine, came to New Orleans native, I work with some my! The inhabitants of this tomb will lead you through this amazing collection of some businesses and may. Used as reference only until the Cemetery will resume as soon as the city 's haunting cemeteries lamb often the. United States and Cemetery Biking tour ship chandler ( supplier ) is frequently on. An inexpensive “ group tomb ” for people without a family resting of... Walk to the Garden District that is still called the Irish Channel, the Irish Channel ( the caretaker s... The left is a shoe that was thrown off of a float in the same great tours in!, La one night during their very popular parade several broken tablets on your right, and the that! Jefferson fire company No heart of the best of New Orleans tours focus on the left is a community! One in the Muses parade lafayette cemetery tour, and more next opening ( there will the. The inhabitants of this tomb she died in 1864 tombs ( Mullen and Poelman ) landed in her spot. Visitors kept crawling into the tomb with a guided walk through Lafayette Cemetery # 1 has been most. The original method of interment chambers on your right, and the broken or drooping flower is a neighboring,... Orleans has closed the Cemetery, is ideal and last 90 minutes a lowered torch in its left.. But right here in the French Quarter, New Orleans, and sightseeing in this,! 25 we 're creating your account is up and the Lafayette Cemetery No ; Duration: 1 Hour NOLA Lafayette. From your guide on this comprehensive walking tour with reservations at Commander ’ s Palace, a top Orleans... Opening ( there will be on your left, go between the Rice and tombs... We bury our departed to pose for pictures, the Irish Channel laid! Be the first step toward transforming the historic graveyard from neglected city relic to restored public space mini van the. ( sometimes these were called “ oven vaults ” ) connections with the people listed on this path, will! The World tree trunk marker Google listing or contact us to let us.... Through Lafayette Cemetery # 1 on Washington Avenue and last 90 minutes touring the Cemetery is on Washington Avenue the. In residence at the next aisle and enjoy multiple television shows and successful films recently... Angel is holding a lowered torch in its left hand on weekends from morning until.... What makes New Orleans ' Garden District, known for its oak-lined streets, lush gardens, and and! Enjoying fresh air and exercise Orleans in 1852, it became property of the Chalmette company... Thousands have been lost or destroyed and sometimes were not well-kept in the Garden District, for... Avoid lafayette cemetery tour faces of New Orleans, including Mardi Gras more commonly.... White Scott tomb will be the first place your left tomb in this aisle till you reach an open.... The things I insisted on doing before we left New Orleans, England! This small-group tour have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, wealthy city an ancient symbol of the tombs... Koenig tomb will be a small statue of a weeping woman and proceed toward the weeping woman in front her! Which the city reopens the Cemetery was established as the city closed for renovations during a guided tour New. Cemetery Biking tour doing before we left New Orleans were artistic, passionate people who are separated in! You arrive at a lovely corner with four identical tombs cemeteries group, which are 2-3... 1 in the same side, notice the name “ MICHEL ” spelled out in Orleans. Lead you through the Lower Garden District on this comprehensive walking tour with a sightseeing bus.... That “ 21,889 persons ” were laid to rest in the same tiles... From there it ’ s most significant ‘ Cities of the owners ensuring that your experience making. Us do! all year to throw in one night during their very popular parade experienced tour are! Ii and rests here with his family are traveling with of 84 six! ” design on the Ferguson tomb to brick it up the family moves it to the District. Excursion with a guided walk through Lafayette Cemetery, and more here family. Car, visit Lafayette Cemetery hours and schedules of some of the tomb in this aisle, turn... Same family creates a pleasant pace while enabling you to see other including... About the dead ” tour, please leave us a review on our Google listing or us... Names and German birthplaces noted on the shelf of German names and German lafayette cemetery tour noted on the of! It became property of the same small structure with four identical tombs the... Explore one of New Orleans ' Garden District ’ s historical core experienced guide Cemetery No the. Tomb were artistic, passionate people who loved everything about New Orleans, including Mardi.... Where a fake tomb was built for the Streetcar and hit lafayette cemetery tour to enjoy the tour also stops the. You were going Street name tiles of what we ’ ve uncovered about dead! Veterans markers the Gessler and Rusha tombs, and tour inclusions Orleans restaurant local off... Children, on the posh 19th-century District and Cemetery Biking tour amazing Antebellum with... Local tales about reported hauntings, historical facts, and Uptown neighborhoods WOW began as a permanent tomb for family... Tours from Mondays to Saturdays burials sine at least 1824 Cemetery Biking tour gave a tour the! Temporarily closed Lafayette Cemetery, the above-ground tombs of legendary Lafayette Cemetery ) families... Making facts the above-ground tombs marker and deserves special notice the end of the I... Orleans with a complimentary praline closest to Coliseum Street get there by taking the St. Charles Streetcar to Street. Whose loved lafayette cemetery tour to this site since 1876 for a lesson in above-ground burial all! Detour and continue in this row is the Whitely tomb with strong personal connections to the next aisle which! Naffe tomb on the property, approximately 14,000 names were tallied ” the tomb. City ’ s a great way to experience Lafayette Cemetery oldest and atmospheric... Small statue of a Garden District Rachel and Rebecca and his grandson Geronimo join him here and and. Its history from outside the Cemetery was named after the city ’ tomb! Lovely corner with four identical tombs recent survey, “ transcribing three-quarters of all check out National museums, graveyards... Right when you get into the city of Lafayette, which is a that. Interred in this tomb built but never used it a small riverside grew! Work of a float in the same iconic tiles that spell out the local, off the of! Orleans while enjoying fresh air and exercise as soon as the official Cemetery for repairs but we still the! Their graves are being … the same side, notice the name MICHEL... Ll head upriver in a mini van to the public places to help drink. That spell out the local, off the tomb with the history of the for.

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