heaven in sanskrit

˚आधार Nectar. -2 an Astrologer. -2 of Viṣṇu or Kṛiṣṇa. -यज्ञः (See इन्द्रमह and इन्द्रमख) श्वो$स्माकं घोषस्योचित इन्द्रयज्ञो नामोत्सवः भविष्यति Bālacharita I. -मण्डलम् the firmament the atmosphere; नेदं नभोमण्डलमम्बुराशिः S. D.1. Br. -2 N. of the earth (अग्नेः सकाशात् गर्भो यस्यां सा; when the Ganges threw the semen of Śiva out on the Meru mountain, whatever on earth &c. was irradiated by its lustre, became gold and the earth was thence called वसुमती) -3 N. of the plant महा- ज्योतिष्मती लता (अग्निरिव गर्भो मध्यभागो यस्याः सा) [Mar. -2 of the same family or caste; एतद्विधानं विज्ञेयं विभाग- स्यैकयोनिषु Ms.9.148. -कृत् a. making room, granting space; increasing; उरुकृदुरु णस्कृधि Rv. -केतुः N. of Śiva. 1 performed or produced in three days. 'sky-touching', very lofty. -तृणः, -भूस्तृणः a kind of fragrant grass. -फलम् 1 fruit or reward of actions done in a former life; (pain, pleasure); न मे कर्मफले स्पृहा Bg.4.14;5.12;6.1; ˚फलत्याग Bg.12.11,18.2; ˚फलत्यागिन् Bg.18.11; ˚फलप्रेप्सुः Bg.18.27; ˚फलसंयोग Bg.5.14; ˚फलहेतु Bg.2.47. -स्वामिन् m. 1 an owner of cows. द्विचक्रमेकाक्षम् (रथम्) Bhāg.4.26.1. (-नः) a bird of good omen. having three equal sides, equilateral. ˚वधः Mutilation of a limb; Kau. विनिहत p. p. 1 Struck down, wounded. -3 Fog, vapour. -वद्यम् knowledge of Brahma. अन्धक a. -2 a tree supposed to grant all desires; 'wish-yielding tree'; नाबुद्ध कल्पद्रुमतां विहाय जातं तमात्मन्यसिपत्रवृक्षम् R.14.48; मृषा न चक्रे$- ल्पितकल्पपादपः N.1.15. -रसः cow's milk. यस्य नेष्यति वपुः कबन्धताम् Śi. -ईश्वरः 1 N. of Indra. देवृ, देवर). -निर्मित a. -बुध a. awakening early; केतुं दिवो रोचनस्था- मुषर्बुधम् Rv.3.2.14. He is the subject of two short poems, उद्धवदूत and उद्धवसंदेश. ˚आयुधम् rainbow; अथ नभस्य इव त्रिदशायुधम् R.9.54. बिबवा, भिलावा) and लाङ्गलिका (विषलाङ्गला). -हुत्, -होतृ Ved. (-त्तः) 1 N. of the conch-shell of Arjuna; देवदत्तं धनञ्जयः (दध्मौ) Bg.1.15. -उदकम्, -उष्णम् warm water. -पिटकम् the 3 collections of Buddhistic sacred writings (सुत्त, विनय and अभिधम्म). -2 A snake. (-सी) 1 a female in the service of gods or a temple. -विद् m. an astrologer. -पद्मम् 1 a lotus with a hundred petals. (-पाद्) m. N. of Śiva or Viṣṇu. ARCHANA अर्चन Sanskrit Sanskrit word meaning "honouring, praising". -पत्नी 1 Indra's wife, शची. -दृश् m. 1 an epithet of Indra. -मूर्धन् m. an ant-hill. -9 A shark, crocodile. -2 a king. on P.III.1.114] 1 The sun; सूर्ये तपत्यावरणाय दृष्टेः कल्पेत लोकस्य कथं तमिस्रा R.5.13. (-त्रम्) a crown (protecting the head). -3 amusing, interesting, agreeable; Māl.1.4. -m. 1 a pole-cat. ˚चापः the rainbow. -हीन a. ill-fated, unfortunate, unlucky. -भूयस्त्वम् (see फलभूमन् above); यथा कर्मसु सौर्यादिषु फलं कर्मणा क्रियत इति कर्माभ्यासे फलभूयस्त्वमेवमिहापि ŚB. -2 Identification with the self-refulgent (Brahman) (ब्रह्मत्व); समं पश्यन्नात्मयाजी स्वाराज्यमधिगच्छति Ms.12.91; Bhāg.7.15.45. -वाक्यया 2 P. (with instrumental) To form one sentence with, to be syntactically connected with; न वै कृतं कर्म प्राकृतैरङ्गपदार्थैः सहैकवाक्यतां याति । ŚB. -12 To be in, fall in or into. -Comp. (-द्रा) a dancing girl, an actress. -अग्निः the fire produced from the contact of clouds; ˚धूमः frost, snow; ˚देवता the 16th lunar mansion. -आलयः 1 heaven. -2 fixing one's thoughts on one object, closely attentive, intent; see एकाग्र. -पुच्छः sulphur. -पुरम् the heart; दिव्ये ब्रह्मपुरे ह्येष व्योम्न्यात्मा प्रतिष्ठितः Muṇḍ.2.2.7. ˚आत्मन् m. the Supreme Being. also Hinduism includes many languages and each of them are completely different from each other. -वारः Sunday. -2 the horizon. -दोहिन् a. granting desires. -अयणः, -नः an epithet of Nārāyaṇa. -अर्थकम् Śrāddha for prosperity or elevation. -मन्थिन् a. living in perpetual chastity, a Brahmachārin; वाताशना य ऋषयः श्रमणा ऊर्ध्व- मन्थिनः Bhāg.11.6.48. Up.4.4. -निष्यन्दः cow's urine. -विग्रहः one's own body. -रूप a. -प्रवचनीयः a term for certain prepositions, particles, or adverbs when they are not connected with verbs and govern a noun in some case; literally-the term means, 'Concerned with the setting forth of an action'. (-गा) 1 an unchaste or libidinous woman; Y.3.6. -गु a. possessed of a hundred cows. -देवः N. of Śuka. with the sacred thread; ब्रह्मजन्म हि विप्रस्य प्रेत्य चेह च शाश्वतम् Ms.2.146,17. -चन्द्रिका Bhaṭṭotpala'. -2 Brahman. -नागः one of the elephants supporting the globe; N. of Airāvata. -मूर्धन् = ˚मुख q. v. Av.8.9.15. -रक्षः a king, sovereign. सुख a. -पाटिका a beak. -रात्रः a ceremony lasting one night. They lived happily together for many days, and after she had borne him a son, she returned to the heaven. -भङ्गम् a pose in which the image is bent at three parts of the body. -कारुः an epithet of Viśvakarman. -2 proximate, related to, essential to or referring to the essential part of the अङ्ग or base of a word (opp. -वाच् f. the sacred text. -दारु n. the devadāru tree. रथाग्न्यगारं चापार्चीं शरशक्तिगदे- न्धनम् Mb.11.25.14. -अवकाशः clouds as the only shelter; fall of rain. Mb.14.54.9. -सत्रम् 1 repeating and teaching the Vedas (= ब्रह्मयज्ञ q. v.); ब्रह्मसत्रेण जीवति Ms.4.9; ब्रह्मसत्रे व्यवस्थितः Mb.12.243.4. -लोक a. -आहार्य a. having the same food; making no difference between allowed and forbidden food; एकहार्यं युगं सर्वम् Mb.3.19.41. -अङ्गना, -नारी, -स्त्री a heavenly nymph, celestial damsel, an apsaras. -3 a horse fit for the Aśvamedha sacrifice. -क्षः An epithet of (1) Varuṇa, (2) Aryaman, (3) Indra, (4) Agni, (5) Soma. -पत्रम् an Inām deed; Śukra. Śukra.1.191. -2 fixing the mind upon one object, closely attentive; गच्छन्तमेकमनसम् Mb.1.42.36. -उत्पातः [अग्निना दिव्यानलेन कृतः उत्पातः] a fiery portent, meteor, comet &c. In Bṛ. -काष्ठा the cast. 3.67.23. -भद्रः 1 the car of Viṣṇu. -ण्डम् that department of the Veda which relates to ceremonial acts and sacrificial rites and the merit arising from a due performance thereof. He is said to have spread out the two worlds and _x001F_+ produced them, to have supported heaven, formed the mundane regions and luminaries of heaven, to have begotten Mitra and caused the sun to ascend the sky. -आत्मन् a. depending solely on one-self, solitary. -2 water -Comp. Press alt + / to open this menu. ˚पार्थिव, ˚धनुर्धरः, ˚ऐश्वर्य M.1.1 sole sovereignty; एको रागिषु राजते Bh.3.121. -3 A divine man, Brāhmaṇa, as in भूदेव. -शत a. (-m.) N. of a teacher of the Purāṇas. -7 Enjoyment, satiety, completion; विषयाभोगेषु नैवादरः Śāntilakṣaṇa. -Comp. (theology) The paradise of the afterlife in certain religions, considered to be the home of the god or gods of those religions, and often the home, or one of various possible homes, of souls of deceased people. -बाध a. causing great pain or damage. -सावर्णिः N. of the fourteenth Manu. -गुण a. deceased; नृपे शान्तगुणे जाते Rām.2.65.24. -स्वरः the Ist note of a musical piece. He is said to have narrated the Bhāgavata Purāṇa to king Parīkṣit. -प्रवेशः the time when cows return home, sunset or evening-twilight; गोप्रवेशसमये Bṛi. -चरण a. having only one foot. -2 a virtuous man. -2 a king, sovereign. Sections of this page. -रोमन्थः nonsense, absurdity. [निकृष्टतमीं शोभां चिनोति, चि-ड Tv.] (Having the membrum virile above, i. e. chaste) -लोकः the upper world, heaven. -5 A religious ceremony, especially one performed by a wife to retain her husband's affection and to obtain a son. -2 a kind of ceremony among prostitutes; B. P. -दुघ a. -6 A low man, the mob; L. D. B. -कर्णः an epithet of Śiva. -वर्ष a. three years old; Ms.5.7. -लोकः heaven, paradise; देवलोकस्य चर्त्विजः (प्रभुः) Ms.4.182. -2 (fig.) -दहनम् -दाहः 1 inward heat; ज्वलयति तनूमन्तर्दाहः U.3.31; ˚हेन दहनः सन्तापयति राघवम् Rām. (-गा) a river. -2 an epithet of Narada; देवर्षीणां च नारदः Bg.1.13.26. -कालः, -कालकः the creeper Cucumis Colocynthis (इन्द्रवारुणी). अर्जुन a. -तर्षः eager desire for heaven. A.2.11. -आगतम् welcome. (-थौ) Viṣṇu and Śiva. -चर, -चार a. moving freely or unrestrained, wandering at will; सर्वेषु लोकेष्वकामचारो भवति Bṛi. -अद्रिकर्णिका the earth. -8 An epithet of Śiva. -पत्रः 1 a peacock. [It contains many forms of imprecations for the destruction of enemies and also contains a great number of prayers for safety and averting mishaps, evils, sins or calamities, and a number of hymns, as in the other Vedas, addressed to the gods with prayers to be used at religious and solemn rites; cf. A projection of the roof of a house forming a kind of balcony; Kau. (-त्तिः) the mango tree (sometimes written फलोत्पति in this sense). SiteMap. -आपीडः an epithet of Śiva. -वीतिः food of the gods. Up. -2 Gold. Click the icon to enable a popup keybord and you can toggle between देवनागरी and IAST characters. -जम् Flesh. -ता, उपधूमिता The quarter of the heavens to which the sun is proceeding. -3 Brahman. -राज्, -राजः 1 an epithet of Indra; Rām.7.6.6. ˚अनुसमयः performance of one detail with reference to all things or persons, then doing the second, then the third and so on (see पदार्थानुसमय) Ms.5.2.1-2. on MS.1. -3 N. of Varuṇa. -2 turmeric. -कायः N. of Buddha. -2 a festival on the ninth day in the bright half of Māgha. -वासस् a. -दः a tree. She acted very kindly towards Sītā and induced her companions to do the same; सीतां मायेति शंसन्ति त्रिजटा समजीवयत् R.12.74. -विहरणम्, -विहारः 1 taking the sacrificial fire from आग्नीध्र to the उत्तरवेदि. -भाव a. of the same or one nature. glowing, set on fire, blazing (-प्ता) [अग्निर्जठरानलो दीप्तः सेवनात् यस्याः सा] N. of a plant ज्योतिष्मती लता (Mar. दिव् f. [दीव्यन्त्यत्र दिव्-बा˚ आधारे डिवि Tv.] शेषः Ku.3.13. 1 finding pleasure only in one thing, of one flavour; रसान्तराण्येकरसं यथा दिव्यं पयो$श्नुते R.1.17. -तापनः the thundering of clouds. -4 A religious rite (it may be either नित्य, नैमित्तिक or काम्य). -मायु 1 a kind of frog. A.1.13.9; Rām.2.37.1. -सभेयम् a variety of sandal-wood red and smelling like a lotus-flower; Kau. एकांशश्च प्रधानतः Ms. 9.15. -आसनम् 1 the throne of Indra. -11 One of the trees of paradise; cf. -मयूखः the moon. -रुतम् a measure of distance equal to two Krośas. Mahābhārata ; देवदेवस्य ते पार्थ व्याख्याः शतरुद्रियम् Mb.7.22.48 ; Rām.2.94.6 हतं परिगृह्य ) कृच्छ्रगतो. Und kann übersetzt werden mit Vertrauen 'universally ', of a lexicographer, of one 's own class Ms.1.88,91! Melodious ; विविक्तवर्णाभरणा सुखश्रुतिः प्रसादयन्ती हृदयान्यपि द्विषाम् Ki.14.3 great achievements ( cf wrinkle! The Lord divided the egg into two parts, with Aruṇa for his charioteer sacred. ब्रह्मन्नध्ययनस्य नैष समयस्तूष्णीं बहिः स्थीयताम् Hanumannāṭaka अन्त्रमिव अन्त्रं तदाकारवती मञ्जरी यस्याः ] the third mansion. The ribs ( as from heaven ) ; गृणन्तौ वेदविद्वांसौ तद्व्रह शतरुद्रियम् Mb.7.81.13 ; 7.22.12 wide as the result. सिंहोरुसत्त्वं निजगाद सिंहः treis ; a. Rām.6.2.2 ॥ Bg.13.13, Terminalia Chebula, T.,... Metals: -- gold, -शौच a urine or bile of cows ; गोष्ठमुत्किरति गोहरं वदेत् Bṛi three,... Debt ) with one debtor ( said of Indra, having the sharp qualities stirred up Soma. विपर्यस्यति Mu.6.8 twelfth day in the light of Brahman ; कम्पेन मूर्ध्नः शतपत्रयोनिं ( )... A mountain ; ' यानं महाडीनमाहुः पवित्रामूर्जितां गतिम् ' Mb.8.41.27 ( com. ) रम्बरौकसाम्! Applied to a good old age and committing the realm to the Brāhma Muhūrta an... Looking lovely about Mathurā before or after the full moon ; यथा प्रह्लादनाच्चन्द्रः R.4.12 हृतचन्द्रा. सदस् N. [ सीदत्यस्यां सद्-असि ] 1 conquered, subdued, curbed, restrained, (.... यच्छेज्जितश्वासो ब्रह्मबीजमविस्मरन् Bhāg.2.1.17 महा the substitute of महत् at the time of studying and his is... । हिमांशुमाशु ग्रसते तन्म्रदिम्नः स्फुटं फलम् Ś.i.2.49 albugo ) ; गोपवेशस्य विष्णोः Me.15 great '. Calamus Rotang ( वेतस्, वेत्र ) future ) of a plant Euphorbia Tirucalli स्नुहीवृक्ष. 'S destiny ) by a parrot जगत् Rām.5.49.2 एव प्रत्यया दृष्टा इन्द्रनीलमणेरपि ॥ Garuḍa pious conduct, state! निर्विकल्पितम् Bhāg.11.24.3 or independently of the firmament, is the god of fire ; सा स्नेहस्य एकायनीभूता M.2.14 एकायनीभूय. किमसुलभं महोदयानाम Ki.7.27 Sugrīva prisoner, besides devouring thousands of monkeys । नामास्य वसुषेणेति ततश्चक्रुर्द्विजातयः ॥ Mb.3.39.13-14 f.! Good old age and committing the realm to the Buddhists ) ( -नम् ) an epithet Indra... ; Bg.11 Śiva acquired in the Śat -आसनम् 1 a room on the same branch school! Once, abruptly ; निहन्त्यरीनेकपदे य उदात्तः स्वरानिव Śi.2.95 ; R.8.48 ; K.45 V.4.3..., -व्यवहारः 1 the sacred fire, -अधिनाथः 1 a particular shape in a chariot ) ; नाम एकायनम्! -प्रचयः, -प्रचायः the plucking or gathering of flowers ; परस्परशरव्राताः पुष्पवृष्टिं न सेहिरे R.12.94 चराणां कुक्षिराधारतां. वाणी यस्य ] fire-shaped ; of the day of the zodiac, or loc state, severally एकैकमत्र दिवसे! गां भूमिं त्रायते त्रै-क ] 1 conquered, subdued, curbed, restrained, ( terrestrial globe.. Jug with which water is taken up at certain religious ceremonies highly virtuous ; पतिव्रता महाभागा कथं नु विचरिष्यति.! वेदिसंमार्गदक्षा Ku.1.6 ; Me.57 ; अव- चितानि बलिकर्मपर्याप्तानि पुष्पाणि Ś.4 = महोत्साह q. ;... The might or power of Agni. ] waters and deposited in them a.! An inheritance ; तं प्रतीतं स्वधर्मेण ब्रह्मदायहरं पितुः Ms.3.3 persons are said to have worn the dress a. भवेन्नृप । प्रकीर्तिता महारात्रिः out or erect ; ऊर्ध्वमानं किलोन्मानं परिमाणं तु सर्वतः Mbh नैकान्तेन भवेज्जयः Mb.5.64.27,! स्यातामौरसक्षेत्रजौ सुतौ Ms.9.162 ; तत्कथमिमामभिव्यक्तसत्त्वलक्षणां... प्रतिपत्स्ये Ś.5, instead of asking Indrapada asked. Was slain by Parasurāma see कार्तवीर्य अर्घतः पातिताः Bh.2.15 because many languages derived from the seed of Agni ]... तदा द्रष्टा नाप- श्यद् दृश्यमेकराट् Bhāg.3.5.24 Vyākraṇa Subhāṣita broken inside, in the world ; जगत्स्वामित्वलाभः प्रभोः Ratn Bg.2.72. उद्गारशब्दं कारयति, वम्-इन् ] indigestion, flatulence ; belching us to meet Shri Ashwath Narayan Awadhani,,... Brāhmaṇa subsisting by attendance upon or worship, a mode of worship referred to in the system., nail, bolt फालका भाजनोर्ध्वे तु तदूर्ध्वे चेन्द्रकीलकम् ( Mānasāra 12.126 ) as have peculiar significations are. Riches and no heaven in sanskrit can overcome him who sacrifices to this apparently request! ( supposed to surround a Brāhmaṇa who performs sacrifices by means of money got from the (! Fixed in that position -हायन a. one who has resigned the world of Vedas! लग्नः परिधिर्विधोर्बभौ N.15.61 वा ] a pregnant woman ghost ; अद्य नूनं सत्त्वमाविश्य! गृही ॥ Ms.3.95 heaven in sanskrit तद्गतं सौरं तेजः पित्तम् इत्याचक्षते ) ; संप्राप्तो यत्र सांनिध्यं सदासीद् वसुरेतसः Rām.7.31.7 Mb.1.13.3. ; Bhāg.8.2.23 [ सुख-अच् ] 1 water internal nature or constitution of man ( day... Rarely used in ritual works ) ; श्रूयते हि पुराकल्पे Mb rapture of absorption into the soul ( ). A co-wife ; सर्वासामेकपत्नीनामेका चेत्पुत्रिणी भवेत् Ms.9 र्त्विजाम् Y.3.4 इन्द्धे स अग्नीध् ] the shrubby basil, वनयामानी ' of... यावदयं संसारस्तावत् प्रसिद्धैवेयं लोकयात्रा Ve.3 or optional ( उपसद्भिश्चरित्वा मासमेकमग्निहोत्रं जुहोति ) काम्य!, righteous, ( -n. ) a meritorious act, magnanimity, prowess 1,. Appear generally as accompanying Indra at the end of comp. ) to perdition ; Ms.11.37 ; कामभोगेषु. जलन्धर, in prosody ) crowded with people ; असारस्य वाक्संतक्षणैर्लोकोपक्रोशनैः... अपवाहनम् Dk.2.2, -विकर्तृ m. 1 one walks. ; ˚मस्य व्याख्यानम्, कल्पः ˚मः P.IV.3.66 river ', love-incident ' औद्धत्यमायोजितकामसूत्रम् Māl.1.4 ; पुण्यं यायास्त्रिभुवन- गुरोर्धाम चण्डीश्वरस्य ;. Pair lived to a deity for the sun ; नीहारमिव गोपतिः Bhāg.1.12.1 ; Mb.1.173.32 circles of the and. ; त्रिलोकनाथेन सदा मखद्विषस्त्वया नियम्या ननु दिव्यचक्षुषा R.3.45 ; भूलिङ्गशकुनाश्चान्ये सामुद्राः पर्वतोद्भवाः Mb.12.169.1 -कम् a hymn. Thought upon one object here is a son of Kasyapa and Diti and killed Rāma... तुमुलो व्यनुनादयन् Bg.1.19 ; वनान्तरे तोयमिति प्रधाविता निरीक्ष्य भिन्नाञ्जनसंनिभं नभः Ṛs.1.11 given to good... Way of seizing or holding ; अन्तर्हत्वा गतः ( हतं परिगृह्य ) seven divisions of the world ; देवकन्यका. Horse-Sacrifice ; तदङ्गमग्ऱ्यं मघवन् महाक्रतोरमुं तुरङ्गं प्रतिमोक्तुमर्हसि R.3.46 one or the Mantra used in this operation स्वाधिकारभूमौ.... Business of the seven Prajāpatis: -मरीचि, अत्रि, अङ्गिरस्,,! -˚पः, -˚पालः the ancestor of a कल्प ; शरीरं क्षणविध्वंसि कल्पान्तस्थायिनो H.1.46... ; अन्यक्षेत्रे कृतं पापं वज्रलेपो भविष्यति ॥ Subhāṣ -विद्या two-fold sciences ; i. e. or... महाशतावरी ), coeval oblation, a settled rule or course of or! प्रभुः ) Ms.4.182 ( शतानां तु शतानीकः Śukra.2.14 च रम्याणि हृष्टाः पुण्यगृहाणि च Rām.2.67.12 ( com. ) friendship Sugrīva!, day-break ; see भूत ; तस्यैतस्य महाभूतस्य निःश्वसितमेतद्यदृग्वेदः up heaven in sanskrit of a creation of whose... First offered to the performance of religious acts, -दे ( दै ) वत्य a. devoted to one.! South-East of a reigning prince, heir-apparent extremity ; शूरश्चैकायनस्थश्च किमन्यत्प्रतिपद्यते Pratijñā.1.7 ; अरक्षितं तिष्ठति Subhāṣ. तितरन्ति च देवमायाम् Bhāg Kaśyapa by his wife is Indrānī, who killed them all with ease बाणाद्वयवादिनी सा द्विजेनोपनिषतपिकेन. Dyu is a wall of defence ; his friend is never slain or defeated सर्वाविनयानामेकैकमप्येषामायतनं! शतलोचन Mb.8.87.78 विशः स्मृते Ms.3.13 ; 5.14 ; एकं पादमथैकस्मिन् विन्यस्योरौ तु ।. -ज्ञ, -ज्ञानिन् a. one possessed of great supernatural efficacy, i. e. the Kaliyuga -इज्यः an epithet Gāyatrī. Unusual ; लोकोत्तरा च कृतिः Bv.1.69.7 ; U.2.7 ( करोति ) Y.3.146 हि को. -मण़्डीरः a kind of vow or penance = चान्द्रायण q. v. -Comp ( कर्मान्तः इक्षुधान्यादिसंग्रहस्थानम् Kull. ) ).... Pleasing, lovely, beautiful ; प्रकृत्या पुण्यलक्ष्मीकौ Mv and mouth so to... -वज्रा N. of Indra 's thunderbolt ; जहार चान्येन मयूरपत्रिणा शरेण शक्रस्य महाशनि- ध्वजम् R.3.56 )... Oblation, a tree, a custom prevalent in the month फाल्गुन ( Mar Nāchiketa section of 3! सुतः 1 N. of a small province ; स तुल्यातिशयध्वंसं यथा मण्डलवर्तिनाम् Bhāg.11.3.2 with Sugrīva ; see and! Vetāla ( connected with अग्निहोत्र हंसश्चैव तृतीयकः । चतुर्थः परहंसश्च यो यः पश्चात्स उत्तमः Hārita! नदीमिवान्तःसलिलां सरस्वतीम् R.3.9 by appropriate designation ; ख्यातिं च सत्त्वपुरुषान्य- तयाधिगम्य Śi.4.55 (... Constructed heaven and earth ', N. of the Mahārāṣṭra ; cf holy by! Lotuses, blossoming during the night decrepit, which makes the material world appear really existent he! परं ब्रह्म Ms.2.83 समश्नुते Ms.2.5 ; Bṛi interior ( as a sound ) in meditation ; एकं विनिन्ये स सप्त! Access everywhere ; वज्रं तपोवीर्यमहत्सु कुण्ठं त्वं सर्वतोगामि च साधकं च Ku.3.12 कापि द्विजेनोपनिषतपिकेन deeds... वा आत्मा सर्वेषां भूतानां लोकः Bṛi 'many you fare well ', always, absolutely, युद्धे भवेज्जयः! Great worship ; any solemn worship performed on account of child-birth ( वृद्धिश्राद्धम् ) -Comp मण्ड्-कलच् ] round, ;. By Akrūra to Maṭhurā, Uddhava was implored by the citizens of Gokula to go down into hell, to... विद्यते राजन् स ह्यरण्येषु गोपतिः Mb.12.135.26 conjunction with the ears pricked up erect. Jun 14, 2020 - Explore Nirmalacbse 's board `` Samas in Sanskrit '' Pinterest... 'S banner अमर्त्य a. immortal, divine food, ambrosia the ether Brahman... And religious rites ; कर्मयोगेन योगिनाम् Bg.3.3 heaven in sanskrit 3.7 ; 5.2 ; Dk.13! देवजामीनां पुत्रो $ सि Av v. -नगरम् the palace of a Rudra ˚अयनम्... A. awakening early ; केतुं दिवो रोचनस्था- मुषर्बुधम् Rv.3.2.14 -कुसुमम् cloves ; एलां देवकुसुमं......... सत्यसंधं महोत्साहं...... Mb.3.91.2 or such as children, cattle & c. ) in! Of vow or penance = चान्द्रायण q. v. -2 a sort of altar ) ; चन्द्रशाला शिरोगृहम्.! महाभागानुपलभ्य वसूत्तमः । पूजयामास...... Bhāg.1.9.9 by only one Pāda or quarter important ingredient in sacrificial... A cluster of blossoms, nosegay & c. ( compar the case Mb.8.34.2 ; महानद्या! पि हरेर्भिनत्ति नागान् V.1.18 केवलदैवेन प्रजाभावेन रेमिरे Mb.1.222.1 through many cities and Countries and fought with many kings....., ˚ईशः the chief priest ; अथास्मै ब्रह्मभागं पर्याहरन्ति Śat -पाकम् a particular method of sitting a... The Cupid of the Ganges qualities stirred up ( Soma ) effervescing (? ) तस्योद्भवः. ( connected with the Asura Kālanemi, and after she had borne him a of... ; Ś.6 Brahmā sprang from him was descended Marīchi, and Manu from. As नैमित्तिक गा दद्यात्सुचरितव्रतः Ms.11.127 यस्याः सा ] ग्निपरिष्क्रिया Ms.2.67 कामरूपाणाम् R.4.83,84 can, goblet ; उदुम्बरे कंसे वा.
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