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Our Story

Our Story

Floris Special Events is an international event planning company based in New York City.

From concept to completion, Floris Special Events offers a full range of services, and work to insure that every event reflects the client's individuality and taste.
Floris has developed a reputation for outstanding creativity and true artistic vision. Working closely with each client, Floris designs and oversees everything down to the most minute details, from the announcement to the thank you, from the flowers to the food.

Floris Special Events' successful combination of experience planning, inspired design, and personalized services have brought clients back time and again.
Floris Special Events has received extensive media coverage including New York magazine, Vogue, Variety, Life and Style magazine, and Downtown magazine.

Floris has conceptualized and created events all over the world, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago, Florida, Bali, Cabos San Lucas, London, Paris, Cape Town, Champagne, Colombia, Costa Rica, Greece, Qatar, Tulum and Saudi Arabia.