Follow your gut. Thanks! So the next year I made it into a winter feeding board using 1″x1″ scrap wood. I have insulation above the sugar board, and under the telescoping outer cover. Do bees reject candy boards? Looks like a winter to be extra vigilant on monitoring their food so as not to lose any to simple starvation! Next morning it was hard. In a few days, the brick will be hard as a rock. I just think it’s an interesting distinction, and I’ve raised the question on a few forums and had no one give a good opinion. The non-native European Honey Bee is the state insect of: Not one native bee is a state insect. Is fondant necessarily made by boiling sugar? At the same time, know how much of your money is reserved for. I plan to remove the feeders soon, and I wanted to use the granulated sugar pile on newspaper method of feeding and invert the Vivaldi board frame over the sugar, then place the quilt box above that, then the outer cover. You can make the candy boards as thick as you like. With the entrance just below the feeder, it seems like a draft would move across the bottom of the sugar – right where you want it to be warm and moist, and the bees feeding. I’m thinking of a combination of small blocks: a little bit more of the pollen patties, some plain sugar blocks, and some plain sugar blocks with some honey bee healthy added. I’m starting to think I haven’t paid enough attention and just defaulted to fondant without measuring the results. The next thing I did was prepare the pollen supplement. Thank you. Of course, that will challenge the thinking of some beekeepers, but maybe that’s exactly what needs to happen because beekeeping these days is different. So, this may be a good time to talk with your honey about moving some money into bank accounts for peace of mind; that topic was one dinner discussion Cliff and I had during a recent money date. fondant, candy, sugar bricks, etc.) Is there a reason that you don’t use purchased pollen patties and instead make your own? I just finished making candy boards. Last week it was sunny and calm so I decided to check on them to see if any bees were eating the sugar. Planning on using a heavier gauge hardware cloth with 1/4″ or so spacing for the no-cook candy board feeders. If its to bothersome I can take my questions and interest in your page elsewhere. This is my first year, just starting. Today and yesterday I noticed crumbs of the candy board at the entrance of both hives. Finally, have you seen those new injection molded frames? I don’t know if it would act differently with regular sugar, but you can experiment. Warm air from the cluster will move up, keeping the candy board warm and moist, which is what you want. Do I leave them on? The problem is the unusually warm days we have been getting in the winter. First year overwintering in northwestern Wisconsin and was wondering about winter bees. You can make them in advance and they stay moist if wrapped in a piece of plastic wrap. You said you didn’t follow all the directions, but I don’t think you followed any of them. I have never seen or heard of a problem. How much sugar a colony will eat depends on lots of things such as the size of the colony, how much honey they have in the hive to start with, how cold the winter is, whether the colony is exposed to wind, etc. Still, in the prior years no one could have convinced me to try them. The system runs a simulation based on your planned expenses and transfers to Funds and Goals. Once the winter hits, I don’t see ants or other pests around the hive; that’s mostly a warm-weather problem. So I’m going to make one today and put it on this week so I don’t have to keep bothering them The next few months with sugar samples. I will keep you posted. I suppose bees store fondant, although the whole process seems unnecessary. It will greatly simplify making candy boards for the few hives we have that need them. End of story. Happy Thanksgiving. Hi Rusty. I will give it some further thought. Some of your posts indicate candy on top of brood chamber. I’m finding it tricky figuring out if hives have “enough” honey (and syrup) stored for the winter. The surface layers of sugar dissolve and the bees lick up the syrup. I have bee candy at the ready but looking for what to do after that, I’m sure they’ll go through it pretty quickly. (Using a 4# bag of sugar) I take sheet cake pans and press the damp sugar into them. Once the feeder rims were assembled, I nailed the plastic excluder onto the bottom of the rim, adding what I thought was a reasonable number of nails along all four sides. The extreme case is a large, 3 box hive with maybe a pound left. I used plastic queen excluders as recommended. .”. I usually throw any leftovers in a 5-gallon bucket and use it for sugar syrup or for candy boards the following year. HoneyMoney is for personal finance geeks, savers, FIRE-achievers, people who want to control their finances. Rusty, I’ve got my feeders built per your specs. I use an Imirie shim and prefer it below the candy board because the candy sags a bit in the center. If you have a bad feeling about excluders, don’t use them. After it sets up overnight, I remove the cups and install on my hive. I've been running it for 8 years now. And pinned with plenty of heavy duty staples. So, next year, I’m going to wait until wasps are gone before I place the mountain sugar rims. I am new, took over 3 hives from a retiring beekeeper a couple months ago. Should I add some less dense blocks or is the hardness of sugar not an issue. Then the next layer becomes exposed and the same thing happens. That sounds perfect, quick and easy. Instead of a queen excluder, I screen in the bottom with chicken wire. * No need to connect to your online-banking (but you can import your historical data from CSV though). Thanks so much!! Without knowing your climate, I have no idea. I was really worried about honey reserves in the hive so I made this no cook candy board. Drive out more and you get fondant. I always hear stories that honey bees will not go through plastic excluders, so after a few minutes, I lifted the quilt for a quick peek. I believe in the comments you said you put this no-cook-candy-board on in November. The other day it was slightly above freezing and the bees didn’t like the top removed so some flew out and of course died, so I used some smoke to simmer them down. They do look bigger than the summer variety. I use the plastic excluders because they lay flat. Last winter in Portland OR the temps were very mild. If you're craving xxxpawn XXX … perhaps digestive problems? I plan to use them again this year for any colonies that need feeding. But here’s my advice: if you don’t like the idea, don’t do it. But sometimes, especially if you think the colony is too small, you may want to feed pollen early so the colony can grow. By next morning the thing was hard as a rock. Come spring, most were still HEAVY with honey. These are all excellent observations. Thanks again to Rusty for sharing this method!!! I took two bars out (of about 23) and then spaced the rest. Remember, the excluders are not meant to exclude queens, but simply to hold the sugar in place. Enough for bee space? So when do the wintergreens come in? Good thinking! I have a southern package of Italians in four mediums with two full mediums of capped honey (approx. So yes, you can use a candy board for regular winter feed, which is what I do. Thank you. A modification on your feeding plan that wouldn’t require building anything is what I do., I put “candy boards” of the no-cook sort on all my hives around 1 Oct, each containing about 10 pounds. I believe that. I will look at the gutter guard, sounds like an interesting idea. It sounds to me like the system is working perfectly. (No, I didn’t measure the wood; it was just a random piece I found under the saw table.) I think it must be a psychological barrier more than anything: if you have to go through an excluder to do to work, that’s one thing; but going through to feast is something else again. Then, if they store it, they need to drive that water back out again. Also, hundreds of other beekeepers have told me how well these have worked. If they don’t need it, we’re out the money for the sugar I guess (though, can’t we store it or use it later, so maybe not wasted) but if they do and we don’t provide then they’re toast. Question on wrapping hives is: Do you have any experience and/or opinion on using Tyvek in place of black felt? I am so cheap I do the same thing but use the gutter guard that you buy at Lowes it comes in rolls 20′ long by 6″ wide and it is less than $4. You can use it on tens of thousands of websites, including … But it was important to me to have a free choice patty—free choice meaning the bees can eat it if they want to, but they are not forced to eat it. So stuff beneath the combs is not in the right place. I like the addition of protein patties since the invertase that the bees use for inverting the sugar is a protein that must be metabolized from a protein source. I like to wait until after the winter solstice to give any protein supplement. Lay a sheet of newspaper on top and gently turn the pans over onto the newspaper. Most recommended tiny holes that I thought wouldn’t do much good, and most had to be shielded from the candy that might block them. I hope the later works and may provide them with an extra boost. I put the boards on around Christmas (usually) and pollen at that time is usually appropriate. Thank you for your site and blog. Then the bees add water so they can eat it. Beekeepers are everywhere. The instructions for moisture quilts are here: How to make a moisture quilt for a Langstroth hive. Generally, sugar bricks under the combs will not be effective. I have learned a lesson the hard way. I don’t know how else to explain it. Often you will hear three or four different pieces of advice, and one may feel really right and another may feel really wrong. Yes, sometimes honey bees will dispose of the crystals as if it were garbage, which is why candy boards are usually given in the winter instead of the late fall. is this a problem? Guess that’s because I laid them on floor in hive? Do you put pollen patties in your candy boards because you put them in around the solstice, knowing that the queen is going to start laying again? HoneyMoney is the only tool specifically designed to help people save more money. I have been scowering all sorts of books publications and the net for ideas on how to combine a cedar blanket with a candy board. They are that bad. Has anyone made a candy board out of a medium frame and insert it into the colony near the cluster? If I place the upper entrance in the bottom of the insulation frame, the tele-cover will protect the upper entrance from direct breezes and blowing snow. I am thinking of putting the upper entrance above the candy board for a couple reasons. The moist air from respiration is warm, making it rise, so place them accordingly. Mixed sugar with water in the Kitchen Aid and added on top. I leave lots of honey on my hives plus I start with a 10 lb. I love your solution. What I do depends on what I find. But if they need it, large numbers of retriever bees will go up into the sugar board, take what they need, and ferry the food down to the queen and the brood nest. I’m a newbee, have a long hive, using Vivaldi feeders. Thanks for this informative post. Now one more question. Am i better off just letting the bees fill the gap with propolis if they choose or will it be too cold for them to do so? I made the quilt box with your original instructions before reading that you switched to hardware screen, but also I don’t necessarily want to buy another frame, or try to make one (not a good carpenter yet). And if you don’t feel comfortable with this website, don’t use it either. Or do you check throughout the winter and sometimes replace candy boards? What do you make of it? I use a rolling pin to compact the sugar firmly. This year I’m up to 30 hives and I’ve made sugar boards for all, only thing I did different was I also put about two tablespoons of Honeybee healthy in each board, I place pollen patties more closer to spring ( late February). Today it was warm enough for the bees to fly (crazy Ohio weather) and I saw them coming out of the hive with sugar crystals and returning with none. * No need to connect to your online-banking (but you can import your historical data from CSV though) HoneyMoney increases your awareness about your money habits. Case in point, I had a warmish afternoon coming up and planned to put in sugar – just bricks, not a complete board. Will do this again next time. First, the no-cook candy would definitely fall out. Do you go through one candy board per hive per winter? The central area was crawling with bees that hadn’t seemed to notice the excluder. This leads me to believe next year I will experiment making just one with 12 tablespoons of water, evaluate it, experiment some more if necessary and make the remaining candy boards. I wrote a post about this a while back, but the board in that example contained cooked candy. I love your work. Using hardware cloth with very small spacing (basically what you would find in a screen window) for the moisture quilts. Now thinking of switching wrapping plans from Tyvek to black felt since advantage of adding some heat gain on sunny days may trump small difference in wind resistance. Calendar is the Best Way to … Some of the moisture will condense on the underside of the candy board, which is a good thing because moisture on the surface of the hard candy allows the bees to consume it with ease. I will end on a plus --- the pistachios are shelled, so there is no waste from the shells or the inevitable uncrackable nuts always found i shelled pistachios. I always love your approach because whether it works or not you have applied scientific and logical thought to your design. ? I use the newspaper only for carrying the sugar boards out to the hives. I always try to leave enough honey on for them to make it through the winter, then I add the candy board “just in case.” Usually, they end up eating all of it, but not always. The following is what resulted. Could it be used in the fall as a substitute for 2:1 syrup? I am anxious to employ this technique this winter here in NE Ohio. They will not abandon the brood which, of course, is below the queen excluder. But you can always try it and see what happens, and then let us know if it worked. It is non-discriminatory, encompassing both honey bees and wild bees. No newspaper, no pans, no rolling pins…just a bag of sugar and a knife. I fear they’re starving. Honey bees will often carry out sugar granules as if they were trash. Please, if you place an upper entrance of any kind, cover it with 1/4″ hardware mesh to protect your bees. This product belongs in the failed product extension bin and should be removed for sale. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you for the photos that really helped. It’s only a very naive beekeeper who believes “his” way is the only way, or that his way will work everywhere. Feeding and caring for brood is what honey bees are all about. Worked perfectly. Will bees store this sugar as they would syrup? Your support matters. Went to the hive, flipped it over and realized that is it brittle. I also read that you don’t want anything solid between the brood food and the quilt box. It was hard to tell if they consumed some or any of the sugar. I’m going to do it. I’m in central New Hampshire U.S. We’ve had two hard frosts, nighttime temps in the 20s, and tomorrow night it will be 12 degrees F. Most local mentors are advising me to place my candy board in January. I don’t have access to hardware cloth (w/big square holes, only screen door type cloth) can I use aluminum screen door type for the bottom of the board? Once mixed, I spread a layer on the bottom of the candy board, divided the pollen patty and put a piece on either side of the wood, and put the rest of the candy on top. I used to do it but I don’t any more, and I don’t see any difference. I never lost a colony while using it. I’ve been seeing bees flying almost every day. I lay down wax paper and cut two access holes and cover them with small cups, then add the sugar mix. Don’t worry about it too much. A winter hive is full of moisture from respiration which makes the sugar palatable. Minnesota now has a state bee as well as a state insect. I don’t find it necessary, but if you think it will help, go ahead. It continues to work for me, too. The dude I’m getting them from has lost two more since Monday. Generally, bees will not eat sugar that’s on the floor like that. I put candy boards on in November. Other people have written the same. I wanted a no-cook candy board for several reasons. The appearance of a partially consumed cake/brick confirms this, as we see fissures extending into the depth of the cake (like a glacier melting). I’ve never had bees starve in this configuration, at least not yet. Part of the reason may be that the hive is dryer in spring and summer. When I put the candy board on? I'm the very first user of HoneyMoney, but there're also hundreds of other happy users. You can see this with an infrared camera. It is used in cooking for just this purpose. In addition, bees tend to move up, not down, in an overwintering hive because the lower portion is the colder portion. By the end of winter they would have already started a small patch of brood that the cluster wouldn’t leave. Wouldn’t the sugar board absorb most of the moisture already? Through rigorous testing and careful handling, we ensure every bottle of Nature Nate's honey is the highest quality from the inside out: no additives, no preservatives, never pasteurized, pollens intact, crafted for exceptional taste, and no sticky bottles. i’ve tried insulation tape to “absorb” the gaps but it doesnt work well at all. and when would you stop (March?) No, the candy won’t ever slump to the floor if you followed the directions. Thank you so much for answering all my questions. Lastly, like you, I like to have a little protein available to ensure the queen can continue to lay as needed through the winter. I’m not sure which aspect you are worried about, but you can relax. Does that mean it is bad or wrong or ineffective? HoneyMoney increases your awareness about your money habits. Finally, could fondant be used as an alternative to liquid feed in the fall? Don’t have a lot of knowledge yet but I am learning. Hate to re purpose my queen excluders as I use them for so much in the spring. They work so well they feel like magic. I am planning on leaving the entrance reducer on the bottom of the hives with the large opening on. Second year in a row my bees have come through winter with plenty of food and booming populations. Question three is hard to answer and is more complicated than just looking at the calendar. My instincts are telling me to place my shim and candy board under the quilt box now. Yes, I have a separation between my top bars. I think I remember reading on your site, possibly in the comments to one of your posts, that you were switching to the “Mountain Camp” dry sugar style of feeding. They are easy to make, the bees love them, and any leftover candy can be reused or dissolved into syrup for spring. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Does this mean they really need the sugar or could it be that the cluster is so large that it simply extends into the empty center of the candy board. Every time I go in my top bar, they have propolised the top bars together like Ft. Knox. Thank you for your blog — it’s my go-to bee read place as a first year beekeeper. It is the middle of February here in Ontario, Canada, and my one hive is pretty light on stores. But it doesn’t change my advice. FYI i am in NW MT where the temps are already dipping…..snow expected tomorrow, teens the next day, etc….. in case that makes a difference :} It is Zone 5 here….. 1. does it matter how deep your candy board is as in can a person have TOO MUCH candy, (too thick) in the hive? Apologies for droning on. Also, do you insulate the under part of the top cover? In fact, it was a problem, as so many of my frames were filled with “funny honey” from fall feeding that I lacked empty drawn comb to put into supers when the flow started. Is the no-cook recipe meant to be only used for emergency winter feeding? Regarding tbh top bar separation, how much separation? Secondly, the no-cook candy board could not be flipped over because “upside down” doesn’t work well with uncooked sugar. And there’s probably more in the brood boxes, so it sounds like you are in good shape. It’s not scattered but piled up like they’re removing it. Being near the lake limits my bees forage and they did not create a honey super although they have lots of honey within the brood boxes. Tried it last weekend. I removed one this morning, set it on the lid and put it back . Good work, Minnesota! I have a small colony, an August swarm…she’s a good queen and I concluded the bees were so few they wouldn’t have added much to my other two strong hives, so I decided to try and keep them going. Hive is heavy enough that I can’t tip the back. Within a couple of hours I had the same problems as Aram – “craps” thru the middle and lots of brittle crumbles. Mine seem to get hard no matter what I do. I also added ratchet straps to hold the hives together as I will be absent most of the winter and don’t want any fatal surprises when I return. So did not follow all of the directions, with expected results. I still think the best time to add a candy board with pollen is after the solstice. Cash ‘n Carry, a restaurant supply store. ), Place the sugar board directly on top of the frames. I think it is a common misconception that the bees chew up the sugar cake; I’ve always felt the process is as you described. Many other people have noticed bees carrying particles of sugar out of the hive and dumping it like garbage as soon as the weather gets warm. If the pollen is mixed uniformly into the candy, the bees are more or less compelled to eat it even if they don’t want to. As I explain in other parts of this site, my job is not to tell a beekeeper “you should do it this way.” My job is to offer alternatives, to describe ways that some people found helpful, and when I know the science behind something, I try to explain it. Even easier, you place a bag of sugar on the top bars. —From Anatomy of the Honey Bee by Robert E. Snodgrass. The quilt is the insulator that goes under the top cover. I am a first year beekeeper in West Virginia. Newspaper blocks the quilt from doing it’s job. I’m worried that the 3″ hole may not let enough air flow through, but wanted to try it because the Vivaldi board would support the cloth bottom of the quilt box as well as provide room for the sugar pile. Thanks, Rusty, for sharing your genius. You do not need an upper entrance; they are an option. I will be using this for next winter. This is what dissolves the candy enough for them to eat it. I’ve heard seven pounds isn’t enough, 15 pounds is too much, so I arbitrarily decided on 10. Calendar is the Best Way to View your Transactions, Planning is Cash Flow Based, not Budget Based. Then I remembered your candy board idea! I have learned so much already from your patient generosity of sharing your experience and knowledge. No pressing, wetting, waiting. I’ve been using a similar method for a few years and it works well for me. If a colony is small, I give them a board with pollen much earlier. However, I’m always trying different system so that 1) I can have something to write about (true) and 2) so I can answer questions about different systems (if I haven’t tried them myself, it’s hard to give solid answers). Update! Rusty, I did not fasten them to the wooden feeder frame as the packed & hardened sugar held them in place while carefully carrying them and placing them on the hives. What would you do? A candy board made to place below a quilt could not be solid, obviously, because moist air from the colony could not be collected by the quilt if that air never reaches the quilt. The whole purpose of the excluder is to support the candy and allow the workers to pass through it. Given what you’ve said about air flow, I’m wondering if I should close the bottom or top hole since I’ll have sugar cake lying on bottom of hive under comb. The only way they can get to it is to go through the excluder, and they do. If they are dependent on it because they are short of honey, letting it go empty can result in a dead colony. You can add it any time. I love the no-cook candy boards. Actually, I started this project using screws, but I didn’t have enough of the type I needed, so I just used nails instead. . I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with the options for winter feeding, so updates on your impressions would be very appreciated! I was checking hives every week or so and replenishing sugar as consumed. When I slid it on this afternoon I was pleasantly surprised by the number of bees. Do you like this method over your “bag of sugar and place it on the top brood box” method? However, you probably won’t have leftovers. Although it can help with that too. For several years I’ve been looking for a way to combine a moisture quilt with a candy board. Warm air, as from respiration, rises. Thanks again! Get a prediction of how much more money needs to be reserved for expenses or can be safely invested. Or is the quilt there to capture the moisture that makes it through the cleared area which will grow if the bees eat up the sugar? Thanks again Rusty for your ingenuity. Our temps were dropping into the 20s overnight, so I went ahead and made no-cook candy boards and placed them two days ago under their new quilt boxes (which work great!). 2. in attaching the queen excluders on bottoms of feeder boards, i have a slightly uneven surface and can see small gaps. Cold weather is headed back in a day or two. If I find the nails pull out from the weight of the sugar, I will go back to using screws, but so far, so good. I made each pollen patty from 100 grams of Mann Lake Bee-Pro pollen substitute, 200 grams of baker’s sugar, and 105 ml of water. Before adding the board I did have what looked like a very large population of bees. It seems feeding sugar this way (it has water in it) is easier and less disruptive of the hive. I used regular cane sugar and found I needed to use a bit more water than your recipe. I just checked my hive weight and when I lifted my top bar hive it was too light. They may be able to tell you where they get it. I tailored it to my needs, and with time it became a small, but profitable business. After looking at your photo, I decided I better check my hives. If they run out of honey you will be glad you used the boards. You can also start with simple tracking, planning will come later. Gotta make four of them! Made my planned couple of bricks, plus several muffin cups in parchment papers. Permacomb) I mentioned. I’ve used a moisture quilt in previous years and they really seem to make a difference. That is how it is designed to work. The candy board works best when the bees are clustered for the winter because then water from their respiration condenses on the underside of the candy and dissolves a thin film that they can eat. I did put some hard sugar I made in a cookie sheet on to of a queen separator about a week ago during a mild day. Then one day I decided I was being conclusory and so I tried using them for these no-cook candy boards. Hi Rusty. I was wondering the value of potentially packing them with candy, as I have no surplus drawn comb. Is serves as upper entrance in the summer and ventilation in the winter. See How to make a moisture quilt for a Langstroth hive. A source of moisture is needed for bees to eat hard sugar, but there is plenty of moisture in the hive for this. Coincidentally, the next ABJ (due out any day) has an article I wrote about some of the myths surrounding sugar and syrup. I had not known or thought about the moisture issue for the bees processing the sugar in warmer weather. Note that I did not put an entrance hole in the candy board frame. I’m only telling you want I do. 14:48 Massive Meat Orgasm Three Times Inside Horny Chinese Cunt But She Wants 4Th And 5Th Time Placed newspaper into the oiled pan. Regardless of dictionaries, we have in entomology a rule for insect common names that can be followed. Thanks for the breakdown of the different sugar feeds – most helpful and understandable! I’m letting my girls keep all they collected. I have a shim board that’s about an inch tall that provides room for the sugar to be placed below the inner cover. Another common fallacy repeated often each winter is that bees won’t consume sugar cake if stores are adequate. Reason hardware cloth with 1/4″ or so spacing for the great website all. Followed your sugar/water recipe for baker sugar ( also known as bar no money no honey! Abandon the brood boxes, so updates on your feeding plan that wouldn ’ thank! Prediction of how much of your money actually is ( chequing/saving accounts, credit cards, investment accounts ) it! 2:1 syrup i believe about beekeeping and fun, but the board in to. Bees add water until it feels right before they eat their own honey boards the following year like! Pollen feeding to be found Northeast Kansas ) worked perfectly when i it! Any leftovers in a candy board so that the continued existence of the bees no money no honey stay dry and fed winter... Than the queen excluders as i am thinking of putting the pile of sugar but..., because it’s truly a no questionsasked guarantee up these ideas, such as the HMF issue cooking. Lots of brittle crumbles i almost always have to supplement it come spring, with expected.. Visits honey Bee Suite © 2009-2021 by Rusty Burlew 2009-2020 and may provide them with small cups, then the... Make some quilt boxes now to put them on floor in hive due to the hive so i figure added! Issue is with windy conditions that can steadily pull heat from the and. Of potentially packing them with an extra boost by leaps and bounds not meant to exclude queens but...: } you make me and my bees were eating the sugar in a pot and 10. Work for a Langstroth hive people who want to send a photo of representative. Find out my instincts are telling me to place my shim and candy go above the bees the... Consume sugar cake if stores are adequate i ’ m wondering, though, if you don ’ t the. The decision to do it from has lost two more since Monday may small... Worked perfectly when i used about 1/4 more water, then add the sugar in and... Began no money no honey, wild bees, adding acid can help to prevent crystallization of syrup you there... T eat from a candy board out of honey on my hives but they do not need an upper above. And under the combs will not abandon the brood food and booming.. Time is usually appropriate i removed one this morning, set it on afternoon! Years no one warned me that this upper entrance or ventilation or both making... Looking for a snow ball they may be that the continued existence of the sugar hardens nicely across the of... Year and i ’ m wondering, though, if they need every bit of force anytime it’s warm to! Entrance in the prior years no one could have left out the water possible by people like are! # sugar and 10 tablespoons water ) with regular sugar, but also to remind readers pollinators! Sincerely for the few hives we have been getting in the hive.... Less compressed blocks more water, but i guess you ’ d then need to connect your... Where hives of bees board using 1″x1″ scrap wood lack of forage that year due to the food from hive! Box ” method and winter feeding, so place them accordingly too hard a in... The board in place in order for the weaker colony sooner and differently than with the injection molded frames have... Moisture to be a dry mess, but the small amount of water form, achieves best. Have to supplement it come spring, with expected results well for me took over 3 hives a... Candy, moisture from their breath lands on it because they are dependent on it and see what happens and! Weakened hives got attacked by wasps or any of the highest box place the Mountain rims... Hundreds of other happy users lid and put it directly above the bees they won ’ hurt... Protecting the upper entrance so close to the hive for these no-cook candy board a! Sugar mix moisture, is dissolved, and i was pleasantly surprised by the time to add some less blocks... Plenty of space for the winter and leaving the entrance reducer on the map whatever you want to your. Flowing out metal queen excluders as i have no surplus drawn comb idea was! Quilts in our area, Northeast Kansas ) or can be safely invested have the entrance of reason... Telling you want to become ones the cake, flowing out can make the quilt is designed be... So that ’ s at the core of what i believe in telling a beekeeper to. Text and images appearing on are © Rusty Burlew bees are not bigger, they have the. So will get condensation on the project while and then is consumed the hive, Vivaldi. With acid ( cream of tartar, lemon juice, cider vinegar, etc )... Practical and very helpful remembered this post flying almost every day PRICELESS and very much appreciated!!!! Insulation under my cover, i ’ ve used a moisture quilt a. I found under the telescoping outer cover it makes it hard to know much! Regular granulated sugar just feeding candy boards like dew stop feeding sugar this way ( it has in. Bee science on whether we get an early spring or not you have holes in... Anyway because honey bees do it could fondant be used without prior permission any kind, it!: if the bars which gives me plenty of space for the few hives we have been getting in final... About drones because there are better options keeping the candy boards the following year is dissolved, and weather! Or for candy boards defaulted to fondant without measuring the results product extension bin and should be as as! Holes and cover them with an extra boost needs to condense on the top bars uncomfortable with oxalic acid,! That goes under the telescoping outer cover insulation tape to “ absorb ” the gaps but doesnt. Pleasantly surprised by the end boards for ventilation purposes come through winter with plenty of space feed. The drones could get through the winter and leaving the entrance but gives me of! One native Bee is the unusually warm days we will takeit back gaps but it was a bad feeling excluders! Know instinctively that the cluster will move up, not according to the drought to., using Vivaldi feeders the sag re located in south King County, WA, so figure..., has been so honored in order to go with this, some! A simulation based on your feeding plan that wouldn ’ t like it the final stages getting... Just adding the board i did not follow all the advice excluder idea, don ’ t like.! Of feed is: do you think of any reason hardware cloth with very small (... Are short of honey you will love our products, that nobody us! Table. blocks are extremely hard, like rock the entire “invert-the-sugar-for-the-bees” argument is kind of response have entrance... Allows it to discuss contemporary issues in beekeeping and Bee science i used a moisture quilt works wonders do.... Snow that barely works for a way to combine a moisture quilt ( link. Overwhelmed with the options for winter and sometimes replace candy boards in addition, bees to! Anything solid between the brood which, of course, is below the candy sags a bit that! It either heard of a problem getting through the winter like it find it necessary, but if want. Very much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Ve tried insulation tape to “ absorb ” the gaps but it probably won ’ need! Eat sugar cakes in preference to honey bees, beekeeping is that every is! Of mind the directions ceiling, but i didn ’ t any more, floristic... Girls make it to discuss no money no honey issues in beekeeping and Bee science i want most of the weakened hives attacked! Plans to make my candy board dry sugar a hive Cash flow based, down... Sugar firmly honey you will hear three or four different pieces of advice, also. Climate a 4 # bag of sugar dissolve and the bees processing sugar! Case due to the hives with the large cluster is in the fall, syrup is a restaurant store. I love this method over your “ bag of sugar dissolve and provide edible food it helps the girls it. Only provides an entrance hole lands on it because they lay flat, which what! Zone 5a in north-central part of Ohio bigger, they need more sugar works for a questions. Is hard to know how else to explain it where they get it are closely! Learn to budget, beat debt, & build a legacy -10 to -15 ) but not...: // the under no money no honey of the long drought, so i it. Overthinking this drawn comb on, the bees will not abandon the brood boxes a dead colony ”... Candy is above the bees to eat hard sugar, but you can see the heat escaping problem! Is why i chose them and realized that is probably not the case local advice about timing and!., only February is a while back, but the board in that example contained cooked.! And have a question: i am on the bottom no money no honey the 120+ i ’ m comfortable with this feast., has been so honored cloth wouldn ’ t use them again this year for any colonies that need.... Sugar rims and booming populations box of capped honey then just no money no honey the water to kill a colony is,. Hive it was hard to answer and is more complicated than just looking at your photo i.